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The (Alice in Wonderland) Queen’s exercise

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Energy, awareness and thoughts create your reality. There is no doubt about that, and I am not talking about the mambo-jumbo “what you think will manifest” because we have all entertained thoughts at some point in out lives to win the lottery and marry Prince Charming. What I am talking about is shaping your reality by thinking the right things for you and putting our energy in them, day in and day out.

If you don’t like a movie, would you stand up and go analyze the screen to find out how you can change the characters in it and the plot? Well, unless you are delusional you won’t do it. You have a better chance at changing the movie by either pressing a button on the remote, by leaving the room or going into the projection room if you are in your imaginary movie theater, to switch the reel with another you like better.

Constantly keeping the focus on the things we want to achieve, how we want to become, setting aside criticism, and as one of my  managers used to tell me “focus, focus, focus” is a sure way to get where you want to go and be who you want to be, which doesn’t mean to “fix you”, but to use your strengths to feel better.

I personally found that removing my inner critic is the hardest thing to do so when I am caught up in that vicious circle I try the no-criticism challenge: 30 days without criticizing never ever anything. If you fall and find ourself criticizing, you start counting from day one again. Almost impossible, I know. But if you try and put your attention to welcoming the negative inner voice, offer her a tea and then let it go away, you will be happier than before the challenge I promise.

So, following the Queen’s suggestion, can you think (and therefore create) six impossible things before breakfast? It will take some exercise for sure, writing them down, reflecting on them before going to bed, journaling, creating vision boards, defining a plan to get there, removing obstacles and putting constructive energy towards the impossible…but the reward is worth the effort.


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