Popeye’s granita

When a food reminds us of one of our strenghts

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Sicilian strawberry granita and freshly baked brioscia: yummy!

Sicilian granita and brioscia, sweet memories of summer holidays: I was 18 when I spent a couple summers in Sicily and enjoyed the delicious food and the amazingly welcoming people there.

Sometimes some foods remind us of special moments, when we felt at our best, when one of our strengths was at its highest, and we could use it to be and act better.

What if we continue reminding our inner selves about this special strength of us through food? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had our own version of Popeye’s spinach, and just by eating that food, or cooking it, we resume that strength and remind ourselves to use it?

For me granita and brioscia is a strong reminder of a time when I was careless, young, when the world was at my feet and I had just experienced my first flight (of sooooo many, countless by now). I still felt like that this morning, when I enjoyed one strawberry granita and a freshly baked brioscia sitting in the sun.

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