One dish to eat them all

Salmon and zucchini hand-made pasta

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A super-easy nourishing smoked salmon and zucchini hand-made pasta.

I made this one evening few weeks ago, satisfying and tasty, one dish to eat them all!

Sometimes I go back from work quite late in the evening, exhausted by a long day of problems, decisions to make in a rush with very little information, too “peoply” environment and multiple deadlines every day.

By the time I commute back home, one hour on the tube, I am starving and soooo tempted to reach for my beloved patatine (potato chips) and a drink.

Some evenings I surrender to the call of the trash chips, but most of the times it takes me 10 to 15 minutes to put together a delicious and satisfying dish with a few basic ingredients: this one was done with healthy eggs hand-made pasta (store-bought of course), some smoked salmon from the fridge and a bit of sauteed zucchini, salt, olive oil and a bit of pepper and voila’…dinner is ready and my gut is happy as a clam!

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