Wood-carving: it’s a horse!

Working with my hands has always great benefits

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Last weekend, I took a horse carving class with the amazing @grainandknot at @carve.london What a lovely way to spend a morning, with the nice smell of wood, working with my hands and creating something beautiful.

Now I just need a house in the countryside with a fireplace and a dog :))

Having the right tools at hand is the most important thing you can do to use your ingredients in the most efficient way and get to your end goal effortlessly and simply. In life and in the kitchen! Sometimes I live too much in my head, thinking and overthinking and planning and procrastinating, examining every option, researching endless possibilities…and NOT doing anything.

Doing some manual activity is a proven way of stopping the monkey mind and channelling energies into something practical, seeing the results of our work and be more grounded and real: it can be playing with clay, chopping ingredients for a yummy meal, using a carving knife to give life to a little wooden horse or patiently building a Lego castle. Put your hands in the driving seat, and let the mind be the servant and not the master.

Love your wooden horses!


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