San Francisco, mon amour

A business trip to San Francisco, where I lived for one year

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First thing I do as soon as I land in SF?

Head to Williams Sonoma to set my eyes on all the amazing kitchen tools and inspirations that are all over the place. Look at this amazing copper Kitchen Aid!

Kitchen utensils and tools are as important as a chef’s skills and good ingredients: without the right tool, no good dish was ever prepared. Nevertheless, we need to refrain from overdoing it: there is no need for an electric orange juicer when you can squeeze your oranges in the morning with a manual one! Some food requires very specific tools, like a potato masher, but within this, there is a wide range of potato mashers that you can get. In your life, similarly, in order to achieve a task or reach a goal, you need the right tools and a recipe or an idea on how to get “there”.

Having the right tools at hand is the most important thing you can do to use your ingredients in the most efficient way and get to your end goal effortlessly and simply. In life and in the kitchen!


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