Italian breakfast with Panettone

Wintertime with Italian staples: Panettone and Nutella

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Italian breakfast this morning: panettone, bread with Nutella and tea.

With a bit of jetlag still lingering around, I needed a serious boost, what I call a ‘tiramisu’, which is also an Italian dessert, but for me, it’s every little thing you do for yourself that ‘lifts you up’ (the literal meaning of tiramisu).

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It’s important to start the day in the best way, to set the tone for the entire day. Getting enough sleep dramatically changes my day, even if it means missing out the previous night “fun”. It so worth, and so underrated, that it’s important to remember to simply go to sleep early!

When it comes to refuelling after the night fast, the options are innumerable and I personally don’t always choose the same foods: sometimes I wake up really wanting some cookies, other times it’s fruit and a yoghurt, or in December eating a slice of Panettone when I find a good one here in London.

It’s important to look for a proper one, as the preparation is really long and complicated, and even in Milano only a few food stores carry the best. One slice, a good cup of my Chai tea and I am happy…until lunch time πŸ™‚

Have a lovely weekend!

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