Knife sharpening with Kitchen Provisions during the London Craft Week

Learn the basics of sharpening knives on whetstones in a hands-on lesson with sharpening experts at COAL DROPS YARD

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One of the most important tools in any kitchen are knives: there is a knife to cut virtually anything. It’s a fascinating topic and one that never ceases to amaze me.

You can learn the basics of knife sharpening on whetstones in a hands-on two-hour class to help keep your knives sharp and shiny. Throughout the week there is also a display of knives from small artisanal UK makers. Wednesday 8 – Sunday 12 May

The lesson will cover the theory of sharpening and sharpening techniques, including the differences between sharpening Japanese and European knives. It will include demonstrations followed by hands-on sessions to allow you to demonstrate how to find the right angle, finish and ensuring you do not damage the knife. They will also talk through information on different types of levels, different styles of knives and the basic theory about knife care.

Lessons are two hours and take place at our Coal Drops Yard Shop. The lessons will be as hands-on as possible, they will provide stones and knives to start practising sharpening on. There will be an opportunity for questions and the instructor will monitor your technique and offer suggestions for improvement. You are welcome to bring some of your own knives (and any stones you want to use) during the second half of the class.

Classes will be small with a maximum of four people. You are welcome to bring any knives or sharpening equipment although knives and stones will be provided for use during the class. They start at 7pm at Unit 31, Coal Drops Yard, London N1C 4DQ

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Kitchen Provisions was established by Tom Saunders and Helen Symonds to combine equipment and techniques with ingredients and recipes. A couple of years ago we were joined by Jake Knibbs to bring some aesthetic excellence to the team an to take on the Coal Drops Yard shop, our biggest (by some way!) to date. We have put together an edit of kitchen equipment from around the world that we believe is useful, fun and versatile. We don’t want to clutter up your kitchen cupboards with equipment that won’t see daylight. Therefore all products are tried and tested and we have shared with you all the different ways in which they can be deployed.

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