Instant pick me up

close up photo of green leaves
Basil, one of the best “essential oils”

Today I sent my “random” newsletter to the handful of subscribers I have. Here is what I shared:

  • I recently realized I love waking up to a clean sink and kitchen. So I take the extra effort in the evening to put everything away and clean up after dinner (it takes 10mins top, you can set the alarm clock and do all you can in those 10 minutes, then stop, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming)
  • When I am short on time, but really hungry, I either prepare a quick pasta with tomato and basil or a braised chicken with mustard: both are ready in 20mins max an pack a full tasty healthy meal
  • When I encounter resistance even to do something I know will bring me wellness in the (near) future, see point 1 for instance, I apply the kaizen rule and do as little in the 10mins alarm, or a minimal chunk of time I can dedicate to a task to proceed with it. It also helps me to think that my tomorrow happiness is determined by today’s choices

    Tiramisu’: Try smelling some fresh herbs and keep them in your kitchen in a small glass (or even a real plant). I love basil and mint, but rosemary and time smell equally delicious. It’s the easiest of aromatherapies and essential oils abound in these herbs. It’s an instant and easy pick me up!


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