Why The Mentor Kitchen

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta” (Federico Fellini, director of La Dolce Vita movie, among other masterpieces)

Food is life, and your food is your life. I would like to inspire you in and out of the kitchen, to take care of your cooking space in order to take care of your self and to nurture your body and soul to reach your goals.

While preparing our meals, we are often in a state of flux, just focusing on the rhythm of the knife that cuts the onion, the smell of mint leaves, the consistency of the egg white we are whipping up, and then the pleasure of consuming our delicious food with someone we love and cherish.

Food nourishes us and those who eat with us, it helps to concentrate on the task at hand while pondering on bigger issues and challenges in our lives. So that onion becomes the troubles you are trying to cut away, mint gives you a subtle energy to refresh your thoughts and move on with life and the souffle’ carries your hopes that a specific idea or project won’t deflate as soon as it’s out of the oven.

Here I share my thoughts and points of view about food, our kitchens and the time we spend there every day, about life, business and their constant interactions. The Mentor Kitchen is where the magic happens: you will work with raw ingredients (a metaphor for your strengths and values) to transform them in the goals you want to achieve and the life you want to live. Taking care of your space, while taking care of yourself.

I will give you the tools and add the “spices” that will catalyze your transformation.

Are you ready for the magic to happen in the Mentor Kitchen?

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