Instant pick me up

close up photo of green leaves
Basil, one of the best “essential oils”

Today I sent my “random” newsletter to the handful of subscribers I have. Here is what I shared:

  • I recently realized I love waking up to a clean sink and kitchen. So I take the extra effort in the evening to put everything away and clean up after dinner (it takes 10mins top, you can set the alarm clock and do all you can in those 10 minutes, then stop, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming)
  • When I am short on time, but really hungry, I either prepare a quick pasta with tomato and basil or a braised chicken with mustard: both are ready in 20mins max an pack a full tasty healthy meal
  • When I encounter resistance even to do something I know will bring me wellness in the (near) future, see point 1 for instance, I apply the kaizen rule and do as little in the 10mins alarm, or a minimal chunk of time I can dedicate to a task to proceed with it. It also helps me to think that my tomorrow happiness is determined by today’s choices

    Tiramisu’: Try smelling some fresh herbs and keep them in your kitchen in a small glass (or even a real plant). I love basil and mint, but rosemary and time smell equally delicious. It’s the easiest of aromatherapies and essential oils abound in these herbs. It’s an instant and easy pick me up!


Taking care of your kitchen

2015-05-23 11.55.13 HDR

During these days of forced confinement it is not easy to eat well, and in general to take care of oneself.

My suggestion is to take care of your spaces, and in particular of your kitchen: it represents your “life fire”, your alchemy spot, it’s where you literally transform certain ingredients in a delicious dish to enjoy by yourself or with you loved ones.

Looking after your kitchen is vital, it will make you feel much better and energetically it will reinforce your positivity and the sense of still being in control even when things feel all but in control.

Here are just a few examples of what you could gently do today to take care of yourself/your kitchen:

  • Wash your dishes after a meal, and clean the sink. This takes only a few minutes, but rest assured it’s the best view you can get when you’ll approach your kitchen again next time.
  • Clean your fridge: toss what is expired, or no reusable and think about ways to recycle and use what’s left. A curry with vegetable leftovers, a frittata with small pieces of cheese, freeze any herb that you don’t plan on using in the next day or so.
  • Buy fresh and small when you can, rely on local produce and small stores which are sometimes more flexible than the big chains to adjust to new rhythms.
  • Use all your fire (gas or induction or electric): energetically if you always just use one, you won’t activate all your potential to activate other areas of your life or skills you have. Go on an move your pan to another fire, you will benefit from this enormously
  • Clear the space you use every day: remove items you seldom use, the bread machine, the popcorn maker, those can be retrieved when you need them but shouldn’t amass on your working space. This doesn’t mean going minimalistic, but you should only have items you use at least once a day, and store the others.
  • Wine leftovers? You can freeze them and toss the bottles that are hanging around almost empty, and use the wine frozen cubes to enhance a risotto or a stew.
  • Always have clean sponges and towels: they harbor the highest percentage of bacteria of all the kitchen, and they need to be frequently changed and washed at high temperatures if possible.
  • Same for cutting boards: wooden ones trap more bacteria, so in this case plastic is usually better. But no matter the material, always keep them super clean and don’t use the same side you used for chicken or meat for vegetables.
  • Have something colorful that inspires you in the kitchen: most of them have either white furniture or dark-colored ones. I have a few paintings in mine and a bright yellow vase where I put my fresh herbs. I am sure you have something nice that is not too delicate that you love and can move from your living room to the kitchen.

Enjoy your space, clean the sink every morning after breakfast and you will go back to an inspiring and energetically positive environment for your next nurturing meal.