Tiramisu’ in Italian means “pick me up”: I put together a list of little things you can do, acts of attention towards yourself and the others, mindful thoughts, reflections, beautiful and inspirational items to surround yourself with. This list is updated regularly, and I will be happy to hear your suggestions on your special “pick me up”.

Some of them can be purchased through affiliate links (whereby a little fee is returned to me, but the price for your remains the same), and other resources I personally tested and tried, or saw working very well with friends and clients.

I hope you can pick and choose, or randomly find the right “tiramisu'” for you today.

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For the body (and the soul)

MOA – Dreamy mineral soak : fantastic and completely natural mineral bath salts. Himalaya pink salt is infused with lavender essential oil and cardamom oil that offers relief from emotional stress. Combined with an antiseptic lemon peel that gently brightens skin dead skin and with pine oil that gives my bath a paradisiac scent. Aromatherapy included, and it lasts for a long time so the bathroom smells delicious!!!

Better you – Magnesium Flakes : Perfect combination with MOA mineral soak salt, for when I am really tired and jetlagged: they relax me incredibly well, and gently encourage a sound sleep by relaxing my muscles and tensions in the body.

Aura Soma Pomander Air Conditioner Blue: this was recommended to me by a dear friend, to cleanse my office before or after difficult conversations and keep the air “fresh” and not polluted by negative energies and low vibrations. Long story short, when I spritz it liberally I feel I am outdoors in the fresh air not in a closed office with windows that do not open. Highly recommended.

Aura Soma Quintessence Lady Nada : this is part of my pre-bed ritual, before falling asleep I rub some of this quintessence on the palms of my hands and put them on my heart while I go through my LovingKindness Metta meditation. It diffuses a delightful aroma close to my heart, it is said that it’s associated with the Rose Quartz crystal energy, and to no surprise, this is the unconditional love and self-acceptance energy. More Metta, more Lady Nada!

Books (one of the best tiramisu’)

What Matters Most – Living a more considerate life: Dr James Hollis wrote this book to stir thoughts in the reader, possibly to reorient directions, priorities, and values. If we fail to engage in some form of cogent dialogue with the questions which emerge from our depths, then we will live an unconscious, unreflective, accidental life…. Having a more interesting life, a life that disturbs complacency, a life that pulls us out of the comfortable and thereby demands a larger spiritual engagement than we planned or that feels comfortable, is what matters most.

Through the Dark Wood – finding meaning in the second part of life: Also from Dr James Hollis. Have you ever looked at your career, your relationships, or your role in life and wondered, “Is this why I’m really here?” If so, then you are ready for your “midlife crisis” – the pivotal time when you have the opportunity to become the person your soul seeks to be. “When the illusions of our youth begin to crumble,” explains James Hollis, “we reach a turning point that the poet Dante called the ‘dark wood.'” Through the Dark Wood, this author and Jungian analyst reveals the steps we all must take on our road to true maturity, meaning, and fulfilment. How do you know when you’ve reached the “second half” of life? According to Hollis, the first sign comes when you feel dissatisfied by where you are today – and hear a call from within to live a more purposeful life. This marks the collision between your “False Self,” created from the expectations of others, and your instinctive “True Self.” Drawing upon his experiences with hundreds of clients, Hollis provides an essential map for traversing the universal challenges of midlife, such as building genuine relationships, cultivating a mature spirituality, and letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you.”The second half of life isn’t about looking for easy answers,” James Hollis says. “It’s about honestly exploring the questions that bring richness and value to your life.” With Through the Dark Wood, this penetrating thinker shares a lifetime of insights about how to navigate your life’s most turbulent passages – and emerge from the darkness wiser, stronger, and in greater harmony with our soul’s purpose.

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